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Scout365 Black on beach.jpg
The Scout design is a hybrid crossover of dory fishing boats, kayaks and an inflatable dinghy all rolled up into one. Our unique design provides you with the best lightweight, durable and compact boat available on the market. The high bow with the flat bottom offers amazing stability and allows you to navigate shallow waters. You can stand up and cast with ease and feel totally stable. Combined with a small outboard motor (gas or electric) the Scout moves through the water at a decent pace.
Scout365 Stablizer Bar action.jpg
Launch Your Scout  Almost Anywhere
Scout365 transport 2.JPG

Easy Carry Bag


 Small Pack-Away 

 And Quick Setup Time  

Stablizer bar action.png

Stabilizer Bar


Great Fishing Platform 

#1 Most requested accessory

Scout365 Dusk .jpg

20 Minute Setup



Countless Hours of Enjoyment

Duck blind tent action.JPG


Camping Tent 

Camo Tent


Ultimate Hunting Platform 

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