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Takacat is a high performance inflatable boat that is easy to setup and will fit in the back seat of your car!

Designed in New Zealand for use in coastal waters this high-performance inflatable boat is well suited for the ocean but performs just as well at the lake, check out all its amazing features!

Why Takacat Inflatable Catamarans?

Remarkably Stable
Low Drag Improves Performance
Durable Contruction
Color Options



      A Multitude of Accessories 

      Three Sizes 

      Multiple Colors

  • Compact & Portable

  • Multiple Colors

  • Very Stability

  • 15 Minute setup

  • Tough & Rugged

  • 440 - 750 lbs capacity

  • 3 - 6 hp rated

Go Electric

Virtually No Maintenance 

Easy To Transport


Spirit 1.0 Plus Short_edited.png

Contact Us

Would you like additional information about our products?

Reach out, we’d be happy to help you.

Takacat Inland

11989 Hwy 138

Summit Valley, CA 92345

(951) 538-2694

Takacat Coastal

West Coast Hwy

Newport Beach, Ca 92660

(949) 649-8879

Corporate (949) 722-1115 

ePropulsion & Scout carry
Scout430 blue on beach
Scout430 blue at dock
Scout Fishing
Scout Fishing the Shoreline
Scout365 wood camo action
Epropulsion Spirit Plus on Transom
Takacat 340LX Puck Seats
Takacat 340LX Over the Surf
Light Blu
Takacat 340 Floor Paddle Board
Takacat Sport Bow Captain
Takacat 380LX on Plane_edited
Takacat 340LX Dark Orange
Takacat 300 Sport
Takacat 340LX
Takacat 420LX Beach Wheels_edited
Epropulsion Spirit Plus on Inflatable

Performance Right Out Of The Bag

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